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Kote Tek LLC

Your Partner
In Concrete

Who We Are

Established with the mission to supply, support, and facilitate concrete coating projects, Kote Tek is a leading distributor in the Western U.S. specializing in Polymer Nations products. By partnering with Polymer Nations, we bring local installers a top-tier flooring system at competitive prices.

Our commitment goes beyond product distribution. Kote Tek offers unparalleled support, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. We handle the delivery of our products directly to project sites and provide ongoing opportunities for continuing education and enhanced product knowledge.

The Kote Tek team plays a pivotal role in connecting clients seeking coating services with high-quality installers from our extensive network. Our focus is on not just supplying but also contributing to the beautification of concrete surfaces across various applications. At Kote Tek, we strive to be the trusted partner in your concrete coating projects, delivering excellence and aesthetic enhancement to every surface we touch.

Rooted in a heritage of specialty construction, Shelby and Troy Henning’s journey led them to a profound intersection of expertise and passion. Following the sale of their family business, the Henning’s, amidst the transition to new ownership, were in pursuit of their next venture. Guided by a preference for impactful services, their paths converged unexpectedly with long-time family friends, Joe and Kristy Teague. The Teagues, with nearly two decades of experience in concrete coatings, shared a vision to expand their business. Fusing the Teague’s industry acumen with the Henning’s business prowess, a perfect synergy unfolded. In that fortuitous moment, Kote Tech was conceived, driven by a singular mission - to be the best.

At Kote Tek, our team embodies a commitment to excellence, delivering unparalleled products and services to both installers and customers. Backed by the collective skills of the Teagues and the business acumen of the Hennings, our mission is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee of unparalleled service and quality.